Wednesday, 29 September 2010


that freelander is still there on saturday...pic in link! 2 litre, so more than able to tow a one horse Ifor Williams trailer - my mate's being doing just that, and so i do hope it's not only still there, but also that i can afford it.

i doubt, however, i'll be able to afford her trailer immediately, which she tells me she is now selling - shame, as it's a good 'un - but you never know.

if that all comes off, i'll at least have horse transport which i can drive! which will be good looking forward..

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

he was sold...

the horse i came off, the following weekend, new owners love him and he's going hunting.

i've found 2 motors to look at, a Freelander for nearly £8K (which i could tow a single horse trailer with) or a Megane for just under £5K.

so will be looking at them at the weekend..

Monday, 27 September 2010

should change the title...

to, perhaps, my whatever number it is car? i've had a fair few of those, of course... and will have partner take me round to look at automatics at the weekend.

i suppose i'll have a better notion on potential recovery after seeing the physio on Thursday.

that huge horse shaped hole in life is amazingly large, you know....

Sunday, 26 September 2010


when you can't just get in the car and go!

anyway, was taken to yard yesterday and had a good chat with YO, so that's all ok

not heard back in response to the couple of messages I've sent about lunging lessons, which is probably just because the recipients haven't read them...

and just to keep us entertained, we thought the house was done, but the damp that was supposed to have been sorted isn't .. need to get plaster hacked off the walls and more work done, even more depressing..

Friday, 24 September 2010

what to do?

apart from sort out lunge lessons....

do i keep the stable on? thus have a space for my fifth horse when i buy him/her?

not keep the stable on? thus needing to find somewhere to store all the stuff ... and then have to find a stable when i find the horse! would hate to find a horse and then not have somewhere to keep it!

one thing IS for certain, if i find my fifth horse in the not too distant future, it will have to be on full livery as I won't be fit for mucking out for a bit, even if i am fit to do other stuff....

think I'm finding this a bit depressing, really!

Thursday, 23 September 2010

sofa surfing

apologies for borrowing a blog title...

but our new sofa arrived today, we haven't had one for some years now (thought no point until the work done in that room!)


leather, recliner, with matching chair, looks good..

am putting enquiries out to see where's good for lunge lessons; not sure if RI has a horse to do that one, she's a freelance RI so i may have to go to riding school, and that's a major thing - which one? who's good? who has the right horse? who's into classical? and so on...

i think most schools only lunge beginners....not sure, when was the last time i went to a riding school for a lesson! probably about 1989/1990...

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

i could try an automatic car?

as i can't yet change gear....

consultant said if i could control car, by all means drive; so when i got home i sat in it, but can't change gear. yet. with an automatic that would not, of course, be a problem.

he says it's going to take a long time and i'll never have the wrists i had before.

the neurological issues i'm aware of (altered sensation left thumb) may be a result of the op, or may be a result of the original fracture, given where i broke it, and may never come totally right. he tell me which nerve was affected but i can't rememeber it's name now...

he may, or may not, operate in future to take the plate out ... if so, possibly next year....

x-rayed both wrists. still sure the right wrist not broken ... so i guess it isn't, thank goodness, but it does hurt a fair bit, dropped a file today as too heavy...

the screws stick out the other side of the bone into which they are screwed, as is clear on the original xray but even clearer on the new ones...

the one at the top right of this pic - this is of course the original x-ray, i don't hve a copy of the new ones! - he's concerned about in case it somehow moves and it all goes pear shaped. the bit of bone it is screwed into is of course a separate bit...the scaphoid, i think.

but i really want to know when i can get back on a horse!

can i go for lunge lessons at least, yet, to get my seat back?

will my right wrist be ok for one handed riding?

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

physio x 2 but no sofa

Vic, my friend who is a physio, is going to come see me; and the hospital physio dept. finally rang today, appointment for week Thursday - probably the worst day ever that could have been chosen, but physio will take priority over everything else, IMHO - even if i do have to leave keys for my house with people!

And I'm at hospital to see the ortho consultant tomorrow, do hope he says i can start to drive again!

today, we were supposed to receive our new suite - 3 piece recliner leather sofa + recliner chair.

The van arrived nice and early, we were first drop - they could not, whatever they did, get their large lorry up our road, which is, essentially, a narrow back lane. Just shows the odd shapes wagons can come in - the bin man comes every week, and when we moved in the pantechnicon got up.. but not this wagon.

so they're coming back on Thursday with a smaller van...

in the meantime, i'm watching other people's horse hunts with interest.... whilst i'll keep dabbling in the adverts, since i can't try anything myself ATM i'm not sure how much point there is... even if i got a friend to try a horse i was interested in , that isn't necessarily the same thing?

Sunday, 19 September 2010

different breeds - and shortish walks...

i'd thought welshie, but one does hear interesting things about their temperament

i know some nice irish draughts, so wouldn't be averse, but probably larger than i'm looking for now... got to think about the aging bones!

hadn't thought of the fell - surely too small?

this afternoon went for a walk - 2.6 miles total, to belmont viaduct which is a railway viaduct over the River wear near Durham, unused now

more of a struggle than we thought it would be as some of the path is collapsing, glad i had walking pole! but glad to be out!

and tracked it on endomondo on the way back (forgot when we set off that i should!), an app i'm rather liking! even if it does make it look as though we walked inthe middle of the river! we actually did double this distance, therefore.

Looking forward to being able to track future hacks...

partner picked some blackberries so crumble later in the week, i think! even if i do get to eat it all myself!

two nights running, no hot chocolate - we forgot to get some at the shops yesterday, and forgot again today! doh.

Saturday, 18 September 2010

tackshop visit! and old glasses

partner wanted to go to get some strong disinfectant ... so of course i was pleased with that. didn't spend anything, although looked a the clothes sale rails! and told my fracture story as i hadn't been in there since i did it!, but lass in the shop selling an interesting looking dales cross that is, unfortunately, a shade over my budget and also she would prefer he went to a jumping home, as he loves his jumping...

and it turned out that i damaged my specs in the fall - could see a gap between the left lens nd the frame - so they had to go in to be repaired and i'm therefore wearing my old pair, which of course aren't so good anymore! i'm going to get a headache until the new ones come back.

could have been worse, though! at least i didn't smash them totally

Friday, 17 September 2010

wel that was positive feedback!

thanks all for positive comments on my last post....

Will have to acquire more money than I currently have, I think - currently the budget doesn't stretch to a Dales, i don't think ... unless one pops up from somewhere unexpectedly!

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Dales pony

A thought.

would be up to weight, and able to whatever i wanted

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

howling gales

even if i had a horse to ride, i wouldn't have - far too windy!

Monday, 13 September 2010

is nessie

the only cat on the planet NOT interested in catnip?

every other cat we have ever had couldn't get enough of it, but her? not interested.

anyway, hoping the practice nurse at the gp's will ring me in the morning to see about suggestions for preventing the rub at the base of my thumb turning into a hole! she'd gone home when i called on my way home from work..

and i'm bored of only having limited capacity - it makes things very time consuming, when they can be done at all!

Sunday, 12 September 2010

rescued my saddle

(well, partner carried it, of course!) from the boot of my car which is where it had been since i broke my wrist.

it now resides on a saddle stand in a room in the house ...

also rescued boots and other stuff!

other than that, and shopping trip to sainsburys this morning, i've been working...

Saturday, 11 September 2010

you know....

even if i did end up on the deck, riding that horse did show me that i did have the skill set and ability to stop him napping away from where i wanted to go (into field, past a scary tractor); that was the sort of thing i had lost confidence with due to it never working with molly ....

and when I'm mended-ish, riding with one hand will be good for my seat!

which reminds me, Jean - haven't got a cast on, have on of those wrist support things that have steel up the front and wrap round with Velcro closures... (linked to pic in an earlier post)

unfortunately, the bit that wraps over my thumb is rubbing and if I'm not careful I'll have a hole in the space between thumb and index finger!

and here is partner with a model cow on top of an esrth mound at a farm shop recently opened round the corner (well, last november they said, but we hadn't been that way for some time!)

still bored

but working hard

someone said, why don't you go off sick? I said, self employed, can't....

thinking that when the doctor says I can drive, I'll be able to ride.

if i could, i would trade my car in for an automatic... but my car has a £1000 dint in the back tailgate (my own fault) so can't do that...

anyone know anything about welsh/TB crosses? my mate thought that would be a good cross to look at

she also thought once i recover there may be a lot to be said for getting a lesson or two - finding somewhere i trust to do said lesson will be interesting!

Thursday, 9 September 2010

things to do with one hand

include making a crumble mixture for blackberry crumble. one hand is all one needs...

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

gp and hospital

for conflicting advice

GP yesterday to get referral to local orthopaedic/fracture clinic.

GP said to x, y z exercises to get wrist moving

hospital this morning (was seen over an hour later than appointment time!)

consultant said, don't move it.... see him again 2 weeks for xrays then he'll refer me to physio

the plate has to have knitted whatever, we have to be sure its solid before start moving....

think i prefer consultant's advice...

but they took the dressing off - TBH i think the wrist brace needs some padding, think the scar is rubbing against inside of splint and it's "catching"

Sunday, 5 September 2010

a horsey fix

gaynor came and picked me up at lunchtime, we visited my horse and her horse and then drank tea and put the world to rights in her garden in the sun - a good afternoon!

Saturday, 4 September 2010


in that the bruises are slowly subsiding, and the wrist reduced enough that i could put the smaller support on it

think the issue in recovery will be the hip as much as anything - and think that metal in wrist will not be good in the cold!

Thursday, 2 September 2010

right hand only

is tedious for typing and it's amazing how many letters are on the left hand side of the keyboard .....makes for some interesting typos!

natasha came to admire my bruises and discuss future horses so that made a good break in the day, and i was able to avoid getting the bus - when i came out to head for bus stop their was neighbour on day off so she took me there and back!