Saturday, 29 March 2014


Lack of anything to say caused by bad weather

Today was a good bit better that way

But he'd lost a shoe


Sunday, 16 March 2014

excellent lesson

with becky holden again, even if it was in the dark (we have arena lights, but there are still some dark spots)

lots of work on ridden and in-hand flexions; i got off part way through as he needed some in hand, and G then rode the second part of the lesson...

Saturday, 15 March 2014

a busy week

and i've actually been on the boy every night save yesterday (when i was too tired) .... but it took me half the week to work out how to reshim the saddle, he having changed shape again, and i didn't get that cracked until thursday when it was getting dark!  pleased i finally sorted it again though ....

so the homework i was supposed to have been doing since last month hasn't really been done but never mind, i've no doubt we've both remembered some of it for sunday coming.

i didn't post here about the demo Gaynor and I went to at Northallerton EC with Becky Holden; that was excellent.  all about how in hand work feeds into the work under saddle....she's put some vid up on facebook which i've shared on my timeline for a flavour of it.  Becky has been training with Phillippe Karl over the last 3 years and it's all good

and it's Becky who's coming Sunday (DV) for lesson... hoping this is going to be regular!

Thursday, 6 March 2014

spring sprining

and weather warming.. hoping not speaking too soon, but thinking abou tthinner rug.

the bleb things are subsiding nicely; think they were bites, after all, as when they reduced a bit you could feel the scabs. lord knows what from!

he was lunged yesterday by G, but nothing today - i might have, but my cervical spondylosis decided to kick in yesterday, i'd probably been sleeping funny position, and was in agony yesterday/subsiding through the day, and the muscles into my shoulder and arm were affected as well.. so decided it didn't make a lot of sense to do the otherwise thought of in hand work......hopefully back to normal tomorrow/saturday...

Sunday, 2 March 2014

so what is it?

the photo i posted late last night?

think it's urticaria, but heavens only knows what the cause is.

it's only one side of his back.

it was still up this morning (although possibly not as high as yesterday).

he's rugged so can't have rolled on anything.

no diet change - although someone suggested something may be growing in the field he may have nibbled, but why would it only be there if so? nothing anywhere else on him at all.

other thought - overheating? but again, why only there?

he's clipped out, and doesn't have THAT heavy a rug on .... granted it's got a bit of a lining but still

rug was clean on last weekend; it had been cleaned last year by the same people who cleaned all the other rugs, so can't sensibly be what it was cleaned with, that would be illogical.

and just to help = i thought, well at least i can still do in hand work, that's a plan - then it rained, again......

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Back problems

The question is what did this and will he be ok for the morning? I'm doubtful :-(

the second half of the week

was a bit less active.  I went to Manchester for the day wednesday, whilst M got his feet done.  will now stand quite happily for hot shoeing, which i'm really pleased about as if you're going to shoe, hot shoeing means the shoes will fit, and the heat will kill any bugs about the feet.  But now we've taken the back shoes off. hoping we can eventually get back to wholly barefoot, but we'll see.  farrier pleased, i'm pleased, G is pleased; M hasn't objected and hasn't gone footsore.

But, he therefore didn't do anything ; i was going to do in hand, but Thursday was too damn cold, and Friday i came out of work with a steaming headache (my own fault, i didn't zoom in enough on the document i was working on ...)

G will hopefully take him out today, and I have a lesson tomorrow; we swopped days this weekend because of the lesson.