Monday, 29 September 2014

busy busy

a quick ride out after work (once we got into the yard, there was an artic delivering fertiliser and we were amazed he got it down to the yard!  good bit of driving...)

so just round the 20 acre with one of the girls...

then hospital visiting.  a friend in essex has a daughter up here, and daughter had smashed her ankle, so would i go visit to reassure the mother... of course, said i. but it was a tad of a rush.  good to be able to reassure that's all as well as it can be., daughter will recover in due course (a nasty fracture) and friend reassured...

then baked a pie when i got home....very late tea, partner also hospital visiting as her sister is in hospital having had a tumour removed from her lung! EEK

Sunday, 28 September 2014

a massive tidy up

G & I had a joint effort this afternoon clearing up sweeping up and reorganising, before she went out for her ride whilst i finished off.

All looks a lot better, and it was so hot that M had to be hosed off when they came back (and they hadn't been going fast!)

also had sorted new bed down ready for when we do bring him in overnight (which may not be long ...) and he wanted to investigate.. i said, he'll roll ... and he did, so went out speckled, a new colour scheme for a dark bay horse, lol.

and someone has linked to this:

sounds interesting....thought i'd share in case anyone has a need to think about such things...

Saturday, 27 September 2014

In plain English

Gaynor is getting a new horse.  I am not.

There was nothing in my entry of the 21st to lead anyone to any other conclusion. 

So whilst I appreciate an audience, if you're going to quote me do so, do not misrepresent me.

Misrepresentation causes harm.

On a more cheerful note I had a nice ride save for failing a gate again. Another reason why company is always useful :-)

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Excellent lesson

Considering no homework to speak kf was done.  My body starting to put itself back where it should be as is my head amd lunged again first to help get seat back

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

mizzling midges

well it was raining and mizzling and the midges were rising

and the horse was wet

Monday, 22 September 2014

what a good evening!

i think having a later lunch that normal helped - my tummy didn't feel as though my throat had been cut!  it's amazing what a bad effect hunger pangs can have....

anyway, went out on my own with no wibbles from me at all, he was a tad hesitant at one point but both heels in sorted that out, up the side of the drive, through the gate at the top (not as many attempts as last time!) and turn right along the edge of the drive at the top of the park, no bother at all (last time we'd had a plant very soon, not this time).

then went awry at the next gate which i couldn't do to save myself - i couldn't get the angle right to get enough push to open it... so get off and lead, dammit

and he'd been walking on really nicely

never mind, back to yard via rest of planned hack, got back on, into arena, and 5 minutes trot.

all good and i feel a lot better for that...

Sunday, 21 September 2014

a ride!

shoes back on, and weather unexpectedly stopped raining, so was able to ride yesterday

i only went into the arena, as it's such a while since i've been on hi, - thick end of 3 weeks, what with my holiday followed by his shoe loss! so wanted to try and remember what was said/done in last lesson - bearing in mind next lesson is this coming thursday and no homework at all done! - took me a while, but at least we kept going and by the end i felt i'd just about got the feel i was looking for that would enable him to know that i want to keep going....

now remembering that for monday when i next get on ....

and today weather clear so loads of laundry going in my neighbours' washer (mine still not fixed, man was supposed to come look at it but his 9 year old ended up in hospital getting appendix out...)

The good news is that Gaynor is getting another horse - that means that, whilst I lose my sharer, I acquire company for hacks etc.  5 year old TB that never raced as too slow, despite his sire Sea the Stars having won the Prix de L'Arc de Triomphe. Which just shows what a lottery breeding is.

Monfils is himself pretty well bred  (and i just found out today that his sire Sahm died aged 13 in 2007.....)

 However, G has to wait for a stable to come available, which may take a while.  There is an empty box 2 up from me, but the person hasn't handed her notice in on it and may not (horse recently PTS :-( and it takes a while to wrap ones head round what to do next, of course)

i shall be going up to see him where he is at some point - they're happy to keep him there until G has a stable here to put him in...

Friday, 19 September 2014

shoes back on....

apparently it wasn't easy as he'd done a job getting the last shoe off, but he's certainly feeling the benefit...

i just lunged.

i think he's starting to think about being in... TBF, nowt left in the field they're in ... but if i did keep him in he'd be upset, he only thinks he might be in, he doesn't really want to yet...

Saturday, 13 September 2014

hot hot hot..

well, it was in the suntrap that is the yard, and quite warm everywhere else...

i spent some time tidying mane up with solocomb, but that was getting harder and harder - it needs new blades, which i've had to order from the shop (they had none in).  so instead of tidy mane, he has half done mane!

M is sound enough on grass, but unhappy on the horribly pebbly yard, and i think mostly because of the shoeless right fore, not the injured left fore (which seems to be healing, in so far as one can tell ... no heat in it that's for sure).  also, the shoe on that is loose.    wish he'd go without altogether....

so i decided not to do anything (had to wrestle with more stones to get to arena, he wasn't interested, and by the time i'd done the mane we were both boiled!)

had to have new tyre on car - it was going very slowly down, had a nail in it!

result at store where i bought camera.  i'd forgotten i'd bought also an insurance policy for £30 that replaces item whatever happens... so, went in with broken camera, came out with brand new one at no charge. result.!  (it would have been arm and leg to get camera mended anyway, so not worth it...)

Thursday, 11 September 2014

and a missing shoe

that ws the other news from yesterday

anyway, he was sound today not heat or anything.

washed it all out and sprayed with the stuff (a spray on antibiotic type spray, that gets  blue everywhere if you're not careful) and did all his other feet with it as well...

so whatever else he's off ridden work till the farrier comes wednesday, but i expect we'll be able to do in hand and lunging in the arena ... might even clean the roller and get back to longlining.... haven't done that for aaages.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

a ride and a vet visit

the ride yesterday, i persuaded him along to the ford. he then planted, i led him over the ford, and he then planted again whilst being led. he's a b.  the light starting to fade where i wouldn't be sure i'd get back in daylight if i carried on

tonight, G's night, she rang to say he was bleeding from the left front.  so called  the vet.  reckon a rock had caught the base of the frog. all cleaned out and sprayed up and we'll have to give it a good washout and keep a careful eye on it.

so i couldn't go to chiropractic as scheduled and won't be able to go back for a fortnight, i don't think ... can't see it

Monday, 8 September 2014


along his back where the saddle would go; reckon he's rolled in something he shouldn't have!

so in hand work instead of riding

Sunday, 7 September 2014

back on board

after a week away in somerset...

trying to remember the lesson was interesting!

and M ended up really bothered by midges getting up his nose (at least, i rather think that's what it was...)

but we kept moving, at least!

Tuesday, 2 September 2014


is where i am so G is looking after Monfils and a neighbour looking after Sooty..

the odd photo going  up on facebook...