Thursday, 31 May 2012

a kick

doesn't seem deep but best clean cream and turn out as there's bound to be an underlying bruise :-(

Tuesday, 29 May 2012


couldn't work him last night - the bit of near fore tht had cracked earlier in the year had of course grown down, and the end result was a piece breaking off, quite large - looked worse than it was, as picking the foot up to look showed that there was no impingement where it mattered, it was only a very slightly weakened area of wall that had grown down... and trimmer due tonight to sort feet anyway, all spot on!  so back to something tomorrow....

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Hosing off

Before the five minutes in hand and after it!

Apparently it was hotter here than in Barcelona!

Saturday, 26 May 2012

try the lunge again?

not in full on you will do this mode, since i wouldn't have got anywhere and it was anyway far too hot - even by 6 pm - just played with getting him to move away and round.. he was a bit distracted - not by the mares this time, as they have been moved, but by the fact that they HAVE been moved, LOL.  and later by estate owner walking across empty mares field with puppy.....

but he didn't protest too much, and did go round me  a couple of times.  this was all in walk, of course, and very slow encouragement to do this rather than getting after him......

and then he went out with his fly mask on, as the fly repellent tag that was plaited into his mane is no longer there, i reckon the elastic band securing the plait must have died....

Thursday, 24 May 2012

5 minutes in hand in the heat

finally recovering from the wrist, no more travelling for a while, no evening appointments, etc so can now start, hopefully, to bring the boy back into work.

with the stated 5 minutes in hand, at which we both need practice.

He did reasonably ok, not as good as when steph worked him a few weeks ago (2 days after my op) but still....

I can't be technically correct due to the need to also favour my left shoulder, but still worth doing so long as the contact is right.

and the heat? over 20 degrees C today..

Saturday, 19 May 2012


Gaynor insists she saw dapples on monfils yesterday - good if so but i couldn't see them today.

In the meantime the writ feels fine after the plate removal, dressing is off but I'm being good and won't do anything exciting with it for the specified period of six weeks. Monfils enjoying is extended holiday, i guess, with loads of grass to eat and friends to play with.

Gaynor, on the other hand, has had her wrist put back in plaster! Not happy

Saturday, 12 May 2012

1 3/4 miles


got to yard to be told the horses were to be moved to different field.  Gaynor and i were asked to help another lady who had two to do.....

so, turned ours out - which set them off galloping, of course, and horses in old field as well ...

i went back to old field for little welshie.....he was fine until he got turned out when he then, whilst hoolying, galloped back towards us and OUT of the new field (over wire, EEK) - happily, only into another field, where there are some sheep with lambs (all of which had already taken cover, LOL) where he galloped up and down ... eventually, when caught, taken back to his stable to calm down...

then i went back again, for another who otherwise would have been left on his own....

so we all got lots of unexpected exercise.  I'd sent endomondo tracker on my phone before setting off to turn ours out, as i wanted to know how far it was to the field gate .. didn't expect to be doing that much!

I like Endomondo - you can use it for walking, riding, running, cycling, whatever, and it'll track distance and make a map which you can upload to either the endomondo site, or to facebook (or even both if you want!)

Monday, 7 May 2012

herd bound?

yesterday my friend came down from scotland - the original plan had involved spectating a pedro neves clinic at Netherton, but when we got there, it had been cancelled.

so change of plan, hit a few saddlers, spent some money (not huge amounts in my case) nice lunch then went to play with Monfils.....

Steph did a bit of in hand work with him, he was going reasonably ok, then fed and to turn out.

i led him up to the field, and we couldn't see the other horses at all they were right up the top out of view...time i got to the field gate he barged through, i struggled to hold him (bear in mind left wrist strapped up like a pudding!) so all i could do was unclip the leadrope and he raced off flat out gallop.

today, took tea to the gate, went up to get him, again, couldn't see other horses, he was boinging nicely and not really concentrating on his tea, which he knocked over, pick of grass, boing, pick of tea.. like that ... so i thought, this is no good it's going to go very wrong, and put him back out before it did - got the headcollar off, and he was off, full flat out gallop up the hill back to the herd...

not good, hope he settles going forward, but I've a feeling this is the result of him usually coming in with Charlie....not assisted by my currently not having full strength

Friday, 4 May 2012

the plate

referred to in this post

was taken out this morning, some time between 11.30 and 1300....


no driving for at least ten days.

no riding for 6 weeks

hopefully that's that wrist sorted, now to think about the other one and the left shoulder and the right6 shoulder and the back?hip thing....but anticipate that properly sorted left wrist musyt help lessen strain on other upper body joints....