Sunday, 31 July 2011


are not good, especially when they are on a steep hill and come towards you. we ended up on the downhill side of the gate from friend's horse, with gate shut .... doh.

I could feel a stressy me moment coming on, so got off .... and no where to get back on again

anyway, monf was a good lad on a new direction for him - he led along the road past blackdene, down the dip up the other side, all the way along to cocken lane, down there for some ofit until i asked Lynne to come ahead (partly because we were steaming so far ahead of her in walk....) then along past Gaynor's at ford cottage - up through the park.

But we didn't go straight up the track - should have done - to Harbour House Drive, we went up the hill to the gate in the middle, described above....

so i walked him along the next field and down to Harbour House to get back on at a mounting block..

i don't trust my ability to climb onto logs and stay balanced!

then along the back drive and led though the ford with no hesitation at all, had to wait for lynne - then tried to d the gate into the field on the right - guess what, my left wrist won't do that (TBH, not sure my right wrist is strong enough any more, bearing in mind i had to get someone else to punch holes in girth straps!)

trot up the side of that field, back onto track and out onto road (lynne had to do a another gate!) and then up another field to yard

good ride.

the one thing about the land is there's very few rides you can do without meeting gates somewhere, and if i find i am physically unable to do them (irrespective of whether monf is trained to, it's about the strength, or lack of, in my wrists) then it's a bit sad....

surrounded by flies virtually all the way - not landing on him, but all round, lynne's horse not nearly so plagued!

edited to add: i did try and post something yesterday, but it clearly hasn't published (from the tablet, not the PC... always a shade iffy depending on signal strength!)

Friday, 29 July 2011

an enjoyable ride out...

on a good lad

lynne and i had to persuade ourselves to ride out, but as is often the case, once we were out, enjoyed the ride.

her horse is a Friesian, and he and Monfils well matched in terms of walking ability! they can keep up with each other...

of course, Monf happy to lead along a track he wouldn't go into on saturday - it is a confidence thing

we did the harbour house ride again! must start going a new route.. - but with variations, in that we trotted up the hill to harbour house, Monfils had to give Luckas a lead past the scary conveyor (not moving) and harvester (also stationary and locked up for the night) and through the ford..

then trotted up beside blackdene, again in the lead, Lynne hadn't done that in trot before as thought it was too uneven with the tree roots etc, found it was fine..

Monfils was up for all this - in fact, given the opportunity, think he might have been up for a canter - but in fact he found he'd done a shade much when he got back, his feet were a shade ouchy after yesterdays trim.

so i reckon tomorrow he'll either get the day off again or go in the arena

also resolved a quesiton I'd had in my mind about girthing - someone actually checked the girth after i was on, and in fact the 24" is correct - done up to the top hole both sides.

Thursday, 28 July 2011

feet again..

we're very pleased with them, they are hardening up nicely, the walls are good, trimmer pleased with sulcus, etc.... all good

not planning on riding because trimmer coming... and it looked as though it was going to tipple down (but it hasn't! thank goodness!)

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Here's a thought

Is monfils in fact one of those horses that won't wee when they're being ridden? That thought occurred as after 1/4 hour god work he stopped again, and first thing he did back in the stable was have a wee.

Wanted to go out but no one riding out - in fact no one else rode

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Monday, 25 July 2011

oops ....

saddle slipped as i was getting on ... amazingly, he didn't panic (although i did a bit!).

reason? i'd put a shade more shimming in, and decided the 24" girth looked a shade tight or short, or not right at any event, really, so put the 26" on - it's a different make and slightly different against the skin. it LOOKED ok - but i reckon was the cause of the slip.

put it back together again and got on with someone holding other stirrup, and when i got off later it still seemed about the right degree of tightness .... so i either go back to the 24" or, i think, by a pro choice non slip girth....

into the arena, more manège patterns - with added few steps of shoulder in.

a lass at the yard had been to a centred riding clinic this weekend, and came back with some interesting tips, the one for shoulder in being the most interesting, I've ALWAYS struggled to begin to get it

and do you know, i think I've got it now. He certainly did a few steps at the correct angle and it felt as though his legs were doing the right thing

clearly i didn't try for many steps of it, as it's very early days, but very pleased....

cue for a lesson, methinks - when RI back from Royal International, which is where she's off to

Sunday, 24 July 2011

bath time!

it was pretty hot, so i decided he could have his long put off bath - no doubt he had a bath very regularly in his previous life, so i wasn't expecting any issues, but first one i've given him..

he was very good, and the first horse i have had who has been happy to have his chin hosed and to drink from the hose whilst running...

then after that a walk up and down the drive in the sun to dry off, whilst he picked his fancy of the vegetation on the verge

then tacked up - no particular end in view, but since he was hapy to go all the way down hall drive with nary a glimpse of a stop, i decided to cross the road with a view to going down the side of blackdene field..

that was further than he was prepared to go on his own, so instead went a long the road and back up, essentially going round the block

so half a good boy, since we went round the block, but not wholly, since he wouldn't go down the side of blackdene's field, which he has done before - although, granted, in company, and not in front...

that may be relevant!

Saturday, 23 July 2011

that was better

back to manege patterns...

the original plan was that gaynor was going to hack up and we'd go out, but she was running really late, then another came back to the yard to say that some idiot with a strimmer was on the hall drive scaring horses (had driven his machine directly towards the horse, when he could see the mare was scared of it).

so, i thought we'll try manege patterns again - bearing in mind that last time we had a bad time with him not moving.

since then, i have been doing the girth up not quite as tight...

anyway, whilst he did have the occasional stop, i was easily able to get him going again.

when he was moving, he was moving on well, he's got a lovely walk so i must try not to spoil it, i can feel it covering a lot of ground.

introduced leg yield - successfully on left rein, not so successful on right, that'll be rider error

and added serpentines to the mix

tried a trot up the long side, but need more work on me for that - also need more shimming, it was clear at that point that the saddle had dropped slightly in front - although that might be because it had slipped back slightly as well, not sure....

whilst the saddle fits, and i have two choices as to what to go under it - the normal inserts + shims, or the smartpanel (a cork panel designed for the purpose) i'm not sure which is better. the first choice is easier for me to put on, that's for sure...

anyway, overall very pleased with him.

only did about 20 minutes, but i think that's more than sufficient for him at the moment!

Friday, 22 July 2011

friday night

is people's night for doing other things....

i did THINK about trying to ride on my own, but didn't want to risk a repetition of last Friday, think we're probably better in company ATM

so came home and mowed the lawn...

Still a good lad - Thursdays post

Got a ride out - no rain! And some company.

Monfy was happy to take the lead leaving the yard.  We went out the way we drive in,  and as we got to the junction stopped, wanted Togo straight over, could hear car coming.  Turned out it wanted to turn in and had to slam brakes on as driver spotted  us.

Monfils led across the road and down the field, which he hadn't done before, walking ons well we were leaving the others.  Stopped at gate to wait and he had to take a lead to go out onto next road. 

Along there we were all pleased with allthree horses as some nerd came the other way well above the speed limit (which is concerned 60 there) no signs of easing off.

Needed a lead to go through gate into back drive, then a bit disconcerted when a sheep in the field to our right moved! But no bother.

got a lead through the ford, then nice walk round the 20 acre and up to harbour house.  Met a fisherman with all his kit which was a bit spooky. He lowered his rod and the others went first.

Then back along to the ford, and monfy went through first!

Then the others wwanted to go for a canter, so i turned left to go up the side of blackened while they went right.

We had a trot! It is up a steep hill, and he wanted to, so i said go on then. And i found brakes as well

and he stopped so i could check traffic before crossing the road again, and walked back up the main drive.

He then blotted his copybook by halting and refusing to budge at his field gate.Into

No moving him.  Assuming the others would go the other way i got off to lead.  Had i known that they were following me up i would have stayed mounted. He moved when they arrived.

But hey, that ws a good ride.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

and more rain.....

and a programme tonight about WHY it rains so much, and how our summers are really just as they've always been - unfortunately, only saw half of it as my mother arrived (someone has let her have her licence back...)

no one was riding, of course!

shoulder feeling somewhat better - think I've sorted out the seating/ergonomics issue at the office (i took a cushion!)

we both forgot to buy more cat food (thank goodness we hve loads of dry, but she's not impressed with us) and didn't realise we had minimal milk left until far too late to do anything about it...

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

yet MORe rain and shoulder pain

and an evening meeting in Newcastle....

the shoulder has been not quite as bad today as yesterday, found the rest of the naproxen i had last time so started myself back on that. decided i need to take a cushion to make myself slightly higher at the desk....

but i also hurt my back, probably turning over badly in bed again...

not doing well, am i!

hopefully, both will settle down and there'll be NO rain after work tomorrow night - live in hope, anyway

Monday, 18 July 2011

Rain again

Stopped play. And I've been sitting wrong at work again so right shoulder muscles dodgy again

Sunday, 17 July 2011

and again...

it rained ... and rained.... and rained... and thunderstormed (we were on the edge of that, but rain bouncing off roads....) stopped, of course, after i'd fed monf and turned out again, but forecast for more.....

Saturday, 16 July 2011


Went away by about 4pm ny which time  i had pulled a full barrow of ragwort, getting wet in the process, been to a new to me feed store, back to feed monfy and turn him out again, had lunch, been swimming and was at friends mothers for barbie which wasn't rained off. Arrived in time for food. Stayed a couple of hours then went and did my shopping and finally got home about 8pm.

Hopefully it will be dry in the morning.

Ordered a herbal supplement recommended for gastric issues - none had it in stock - plan is to true him on that and see what happens

Friday, 15 July 2011

zoned out...

tonight wasn't good either.

at first i thought he was just being a mule - but then i thought, no...

anyway, thought i'd just go round the short block.

he wasn't really moving on quickly as he can. he stopped near his field gate, in one way one can see why. got him going from that. stopped again a way down the drive, well past the tree they normally stand under.

i thought, flies, heat (the flies were a real bother, and it's muggy). so turned him round (didn't manage that immediately) and went back. thought, try the arena again. stopped at entrance. eventually went in - got led in!

then fine, walking on quite nicely, circles, couple of diagonals... then stopped again. i could see us in the mirror at this point, back legs not together, braced. head? could NOT move it .... very heavy - eventually did move it, but not his legs, then heavy again....

i gave up (i know, i shouldn't, but nothing working and he was well set).

it was very odd, though - it wasn't just the jaw set against my hand, the entire head and neck felt very heavy

so got off

blocked again before leaving the arena, then again when stopped to talk to Lauren who was washing her pony ready for dressage tomorrow

then stopped again when stopped to talk to friend, to tell her what been happening - he was totally zoned out, to the extent that we put carrot and polo under his nose ( LOVES polos!) and he didn't even register them, and moving his head up and down for him and he not reacting ... planet wherever, but not planet earth.....

not the sort of zone out molly used to do, where you weren't quite sure what she'd do when she'd come out of it, but very very strange.

he clearly hadn't been stopping just to avoid the work - he's hardly going to stop to avoid going back to stable and have tack taken off, now is he?

very very odd...

nessie cat came home....

Thursday, 14 July 2011

next time someone says go out

i'll go

i didn't, as

1. it was forecast to tip down
2. it looked as though it would tip down
3. he was a shade footy last night on stony bits, so thought he needed a rest from that!

so i didn't, and planned manege patterns.

we did about 5 minutes, then blocked for about 10 or whatever - then a few steps of movement, praised for, then stopped... and so on another 3 or 4 times...

usual trick to unblock horse being to move it's head left and right - wasn't working, and was also putting unwanted strain on the left wrist....

eventually I rode him out of the arena (and he tried to block again!) and walked down the front of the yard - he stopped again before he got to his stable

saddle off and back in to do some in hand, which we did left rein but not right....


texted riders to say i should have gone with them!

and now Nessie cat isn't home again - hope she didn't give up as we were a shade later than normal, but not that much later!

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

lovely ride out

same route we've done before, down to the ford, round the 20 acre, through harbour house and back. all in walk, of course! he was pretty good, i was somewhat nervy, need to sort my head out some more.

i have always hated wide open spaces anyway, and they'd half mown the 20 acre so what was a relatively confined track was a lot of open space.

but he is a good lad.

although i do seriously think he really wants to roll in the ford! i am sure he his thinking about it!

BTB- blogger is often not letting me comment on people's blogs even when i'm signed in, all a bit bizarre

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

tree stumps...

me, tripped over one that i have known was there for years....doh. Monf, who was being led, just stood there thank goodness. I think he was a shade disconcerted to find me on the deck for no reason he could see!

anyway, people were going out, but for a faster ride than we are yet ready for. I should have just gone in the arena, but decided to pop down the drive - and thought, over the road to blackdene, pay a visit then carry on round a slightly longer block.


monf grew a couple of hands - think partly because the horses were up by the gate - then caught sight of movement that he couldn't make out through the arch

i decided that discretion was the better part of valour and got off, and led him through the arch for his visit.

he probably would have been fine, but not worth the risk

so led him back up the drive and then tripped over the tree stump on the narrow track between drive and yard - had been going to go up one, but some people were coming down it, so had to divert to the other, so my excuse is that i was approaching the stump from an unusual angle...

landed on my left side, knee will probably bruise, fortunately managed not to damage that wrist again!

then got back on at the yard and went into the arena for 5 minutes of manège patterns.

have to say, I'm very pleased with him in the arena.

and i think we both expected a storm any minute (that still hasn't materialised, but it FELT like it would and LOOKED like it would).

Monday, 11 July 2011

What a good lad

Not ridden since week past Sunday, so who knew what to expect.

We marched round the block cool calm and collected, with a minor spooky as we turned off road back to yard, who knows what that was about.

Passed by several cars, no bother at all - mind, we were very visible.

Tendency to wander into the middle of the road, not sure if that's rider error or not but answered aids to go back into the side when asked.

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Monfils in the wars!

Tuesday, apparently - found in the back of the field shelter, trapped by three horses, with fresh wounds. Happily, they didn't need the vet, and Beth found my tub of green oils that i'd left out and they're all healed up. and it was clearly horses week to panic minders - on Monday, the person minding someone else's horses had a panic as she couldn't find them, they turned up hiding in the field shelter, and Beth was panicking that she couldn't find Monf!

then today, he has a large lump on his throat, about half way down at the front, with a healed very fine scab over it..... very odd. Texted vet, and he advised hot poulticing for 10 minutes or so at a time - as i did with his jaw - and we'll see how it goes. he was eating etc fine, so not impinging on windpipe etc, but clearly will have to keep an eye on that.

and the plan for him to be ridden by RI during the week didn't happen, as it kept raining....

and person minding Nessie cat hadn't seen her all week, and she didn't appear last night, so we were worried - but she has come home this afternoon, phew.

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Saturday, 2 July 2011

manege patterns

in walk ......

he was nicely forward in the walk, i was working on circles/serpentines (large ones)/diagonals/changing the rein and then halt/walk transitions... the halt isn't wonderful, but you can tell he wants to move as it's nothing to get him walking again!

I was very pleased

only 20 minutes, of course...

there was no one to hack out with, plus i was expecting the person who's going to be looking after him this next week...

RI was supposed to be coming to pick saddle up from me ... still time!

Friday, 1 July 2011

me..... end of week.... start of holiday ..... pretty much cleared the o/s work, which was good....too knackered to think about riding though!

edited to add - blogger is refusing to let me comment on the odd blog - so it's not that i'm not reading, it's that i can't comment!