Saturday, 31 March 2012

friday, a mixed day...

another away day - to Oakham, this time, in rutland.

Normally we pass through on our way north or south (The Lands End outlet store is there!)but since we haven't been that way for a looong time we decided to have a trip away.

So, set off, and a little way down the road, partner realised her purse was at home.  not a problem, i have mine, and money.

We get there and first port of call is lunch, in the Lord Nelson.  food was scrummy.  but i had a panic when i opened purse and found my debit card was not there - had left it in pocket of jacket i had been wearing Thursday night when i filled up with fuel.  never mind, i have another one, which i used

So good day in Oakham, it has a castle we hadn't known about, 12th Century - only the Great Hall is left, but still intact, and still used as a Crown Court at least once every two years.

bought some other bits, went to our real destination the Lands End Outlet (disappointing, it's always very pot luck whether there is anything you actually want/fits, and we were out of luck) and set off home.

Knew not enough fuel, never mind, into Tesco at Doncaster.   we needed supplies first for when we got home - i managed to mis-enter the card number 3 times so the card is now locked and i will have to contact the bank.

in the meantime, we have very little fuel left - perhaps 50 miles worth? - and no money.... i do have a check book, but most places don't accept cheques these days. and as we drive out of Tesco, they have a sign up that they only have diesel anyway....

We remember we have a friend in York, who fortunately is home, and even more fortunately can lend us some money in exchange for a cheque.  Phew.

Made it to her house on fumes, and thence to garage still on fumes.

filled up, phew, and home a bout 2 hours later than should have been. 

Thursday, 29 March 2012

an away day

to the Barbara Hepworth museum in wakefield, excellent, followed by a visit to Nostell Priory and finishing up at tack store in north yorkshire where i spent more than planned. now in pub having dinner on way home.  monies (edit - Monfils!) now has new cooler  and fly mask.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Hosed off

That was monfils and Charlie when we got them in. They'd clearly been hoolying around when last two out and were very sweaty.

So that was my plan for the night knocked on the head :-(

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

winter to summer

in one day

yesterday and today

starting off VERY cold, but then getting out VERY hot......

anyway, yesterday plans scuppered by fact (discovered very late!) that we had someone coming to stay overnight (and tonight as well) so had to rush home and do tea and sort out spare bed (do love some planning, LOL).

tonight, a nice ride out on my own -= only along to the ford again, but this time, we got there, and we got there without company.

a couple of "what's that" moments - one on the way out when he spotted, from the corner of his eye, the kids on ponies rushing about the field at the top of the hill behind the hedge, the other when we were mostly back and said kids were rushing down closing gates up behind us...

but good, very pleased, and it was t shirt weather until after i'd put him in for the night....

Sunday, 25 March 2012

if i'd asked him ...

he wouldn't have done it

we didn't ride, but they both got bathed (monfils didn't get a very good one, because he refused to stand still) - but lots of walks out to graze.....and dry of

the last walk out was with Charlie, we went up to a field (not their normal grazing field, but one we ride through) with them in headcollars and lungelines...

Monfils - started trotting round me, LOL.

earlier, I'd been on another track, he had his leather head collar on that i bought less than 2 months ago - and it snapped! the strap just above the buckle!!!!! thank the lord he stayed with me, and you should have seen me trying to make some sort of loop with the lunge line round his face without spooking him ....

I'm hoping the receipt is still in the back of the car somewhere, I am well not happy!

Saturday, 24 March 2012

he actually lunged for me!

only on left rein properly, but he did it. mop my fevered brow! he did eventually stop and then was a pain the other way, but nonetheless pleased.

and HOT, even at 5 pm! this weather is totally wrong....

it's worming weekend, which means they came in at 10 am this morning and have to stay in until Monday morning....they hate it, and we're not over enamoured, but has to be done, twice a year....

they weren't that fussed last year as there was little grass after the very bad winter, but this year, of course, the grass has been growing apace since February.

hopefully, we'll ride tomorrow. partner and i went up to Matfen for lunch, for a friend's birthday, that was nice, then everyone except me went for a short walk.... lovely weather for it, glorious sunshine after a very foggy start (could hardly see where i was going first thing this morning!)

Thursday, 22 March 2012

manege patterns

in walk but lots of changes of rein figures of eight, serpentines, half voltes (i do like a half volte!) and so on, and we're getting very good at riding corners properly

not for very long - people were leaving and i would have ended up last there, never good, but i was pleased with what we did....

so good to be able to ride .... mind, we're very lucky with the weather at the moment, no wind/rain (can live with the morning freeze if this keeps up!)

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

walking circles

on the lunge

at least he did it for me - had to wrap the lunge line round then pull so he has to start the circle, then he keeps going - for a bit! and did it both ways..... BUT

i found that it overstrains my dodgy left shoulder, and also the dodgy left wrist - i am certain the plate has moved, as that is getting worse, really, so pleased it's coming out. So, back to gaynor doing the lunging!

but lucky to get that far in the day - had to go home at lunchtime, and leaving the village some other car driver didn't see mine - a VERY close shave indeed!

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

sat a spook

which involved a 180 degree turn in front of a car! on the drive....was heading for the track to the ford again, and he was spooked by who knew what ..... when i got him turned round behind the car, it turned out to have been a lass off the yard on her grey mare, i guess the mare had trod on a dry stick - was invisible behind trees!

so Riemah (the young lady in question!) kindly agreed to walk along to the ford with us and back, and a successful hack was had, with no more incidents.

i was pleased, in that i clearly haven't lost my seat along the way!

Monday, 19 March 2012

i got on!

i so nearly didn't, i was really tired, and the wind had picked up, but i thought, no, must do it...

didn't do the original plan neither of us was keen on the wind and he got his eye on something after we got past the house along the track.....

so into the arena, where at least there is shelter from the prevailing wind - a nice big wall, the wind seems to go over the top of the stables and the half sided barn next to the arena, so you could be getting blown over elsewhere and still be fine ...

just walk patterns for not long, probably no more than 10 minutes, but positive...

and when you think i didn't used to be able to keep him going more than 2 strides, it is positive.

Sunday, 18 March 2012

challenge Gaynor

The lunging didn't get done yesterday, but did today, and it was challenge gaynor time

he set off ok, the plan was 4 minutes each rein after warming up slowly in walk....

after 2 minutes on the second rein, he stopped and was refusing to behave at all...

it was "no i will not" "yes you will" for a good 5 minutes, if not longer, till Gaynor got him going again.....not on the rein he'd stopped on - and then the same challenge, if not for quite so long, when going back to the rein that he had stopped on....

first time he's REALLY challenged her, i think.....

and the lameness? well who knows, he might just be winding us up. He was fine on his left fore, but there were a couple of circuits where he was dropping his right shoulder - but on the left rein. on the right rein, no problems at all...

we think i'll ride tomorrow (hopefully, i'll be fit to do so!) just a walk down the track and back, straight lines.

he is, of course, sound as a pound hoolying about the field!

Thursday, 15 March 2012


Lots of wear and tear, l4/5 degeneration, facet joint arthritis, encroaching on left lateral recess, inside spinal canal totally normal

that's the MRI result - and none of it accounts for the issue in the left hip! in terms of occasional seizing up and pain ... so off to neurology for investigations.

hip xray showed nothing, but i have to wonder if something has been missed.....

in the meantime, we wonder if Monfils only pulled a muscle? we'll lunge again Saturday and see how he is then.....

Monday, 12 March 2012

waiting for vet and doctor

i was lucky - rang doctor, expecting a wait (as it's non urgent) and was offered an appointment for tomorrow, nearly fell off my chair! must have had a cancellation.

Vet will reply to my text when he can, and if he doesn't, we have an appointment about something else tomorrow night! Monfils is non urgent, as lamenesses go!

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Lame - in sympathy?

Monfils - lame! right hind, we think...

Gaynor put him on the lunge, and he was clearly not right.....

Looking at him, it wasn't feet, no heat in legs - but there's a difference in musculature, and a possible lump, at the top of the right hind...

Gaynor said it's the same area where he put himself right after he got kicked & put his back out last year when i was away at Blair.... apparently he'd put his back out, and put it back in himself..

However that may be - Phillip, you'll be coming out this week! (Phillip's my vet ...)

in the meantime, i was walking a lot better today, was able to go up and down stairs properly and getting dressed wasn't quite such a trial, but i was pleased Monf came down to the gate, i don't think I'd have made it up the hill that is the field!

Oh - and gaynor is lame, because Monfils stood on her foot this morning, he was so keen to leave the stable....

Saturday, 10 March 2012

once a fortnight

usually on a weekend.....

something goes awry. last night, it was the dratted right hip/leg again! gah! at least i could feel it coming and got the painkillers in to me.... it seems easier when standing, and hopefully i'll be able to muck out - gaynor has hurt her wrist and is struggling herself!

and just to keep us all worried, last night Monfils went into his haylage with too much gusto and frightened everyone, and himself, by having a minor choke! i had only just left the office, and time i got there he was fine, but gave him another while before giving him his tea - and a walk out, for some reason they were all up a height, him included, bouncing round the stable probably wasn't clever!

fine this morning, happily, been turned out (rugless again, hope that continues!)

Monday, 5 March 2012

last week to this week

last week - high temps up to 16 degrees C, rugs off

this week - its forecast minus 2 tonight, thicker rug on!


Gaynor and I couldn't feel our fingers time we'd got them in tonight!

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Rain and snow!

So that put paid to today. Very tedious, but it is only early march so not surprising i suppose

Saturday, 3 March 2012

turned out nice!

a wet, dank, miserable morning, the damp making it all feel colder (so rugs back on) and by lunchtime it was pouring down...

but it all got out really nice, so had a nice ride. Only in the arena again, but lots and lots of circles, serpentines, half voltes, etc, and working on riding the corners properly as well.

the new mounting block seems to be a hit (touching wood!) with Monf, I am able to mount without assistance at the moment - whether it's the block itself, or where it is, i know not, but so long as he doesn't mess about, I'm happy!