Thursday, 20 November 2014

heat reducing

but he got rid of his poultice boot in the field, was left with a necklace of duct tape round the fetlock, very fetching.  G forgot to buy another.  we are keeping it hosed out and sprayed and will see where we are when we have daylight at the weekend.  hopefully, the outdoor sensor light will be fixed at hte weekend as well.

also something is upsetting him in his stable, he keeps trashing it, and really really keen to be out in the morning.

in past winters, he's been quite settled, and whilst happy to be out, not trashingly keen to be.  so no clue what can be upsetting him.

the only difference is that i removed a cupboard that used to sit in the corner minding it's own business, with some rugs in it.  he killed it one day (rolling, I think, i reckon he'd kicked the door so hard that was why it broke), so it's not there.

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  1. Are all the horses in at night? One of mine frets a lot if he doesn't have someone else in next door.