Sunday, 16 November 2014

the abscess saga

i guess all our horses get them once in a while, and M is no exception - this is his 4th (each foot in turn) but it's a few years since he had one.

but this one is the deepest and is therefore taking a good while to clear - hence, nothing to say!

yesterday we had a joint effort, since we needed to start again on the poulticing.

but, i'd bought a poultice boot, so life ended up a lot easier once the poultice, nappy and vet wrap were on.

also, i stood at the head end and distracted him with a tube of polos - he eventually ended up just licking my hand, which tasted very minty!

hopefully, the boot stays on.

we're going to keep poulticing again for another week, i think, and then review to see if we can then get away with plugging the hole.

in the meantime, this thursday's lesson cancelled of course

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  1. Sorry about the lesson. Some abscesses are just hard to draw out all the way. At least you found it. Occult ones are really hard to handle.