Saturday, 29 November 2014

mop my fevered brow

it wasn't raining, i was able to ride my horse!

first time either of us have ridden since his abscess started (it now, fingers crossed, seems to be resolved)

only did 1/2 hour in the arena, didn't think wrestling with the mud on the land would be a good plan for a first day ridden for weeks and weeks - what is it, 6 weeks?

picked up wehre we left off, really, kept going, nice walk, working on half halts and moving on, and trying to ensure he was flexed to the inside (never and easy job).

one potential spook that didnt' happen - heading towards the wall at one side of the arena when a blur of feathers headed towards us at top speed, which resolved into a pheasant as it landed on top of said wall.

we were both startled, of course, as it was out of the blue and at the wrong height for pheasants (they're normally underfoot, LOL)

and not phased by the shooting over the hill (it's a shooting estate, and it was a shoot day) - the horses are well used to that by now!

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  1. Great news. Maybe the lessons you had before the abscess have had time to settle in his brain. That would be a really good thing.