Saturday, 13 September 2014

hot hot hot..

well, it was in the suntrap that is the yard, and quite warm everywhere else...

i spent some time tidying mane up with solocomb, but that was getting harder and harder - it needs new blades, which i've had to order from the shop (they had none in).  so instead of tidy mane, he has half done mane!

M is sound enough on grass, but unhappy on the horribly pebbly yard, and i think mostly because of the shoeless right fore, not the injured left fore (which seems to be healing, in so far as one can tell ... no heat in it that's for sure).  also, the shoe on that is loose.    wish he'd go without altogether....

so i decided not to do anything (had to wrestle with more stones to get to arena, he wasn't interested, and by the time i'd done the mane we were both boiled!)

had to have new tyre on car - it was going very slowly down, had a nail in it!

result at store where i bought camera.  i'd forgotten i'd bought also an insurance policy for £30 that replaces item whatever happens... so, went in with broken camera, came out with brand new one at no charge. result.!  (it would have been arm and leg to get camera mended anyway, so not worth it...)

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  1. Lucky you with the camera. I've only had one of those insurance policies ever pay off. Glad you got a new replacement. If the weather patterns mean anything, we just came out of a super hot spell here,,,maybe we sent it across the ocean. It's lovely here now. Dry and comfortably warm in the day, cool at night.