Wednesday, 27 August 2014

i'm slacking

on the posting front....

but been slack anyway, but at least it hasn't' rained.

Monday i was sooooo tired, don't know why - went down to ride, got saddle out, put it over pole where it sits whilst i tack up, and all i wanted to do was put my head on the seat and fall asleep.

not the right frame of mind/body for getting on a ton of horseflesh, so i didn't

yesterday, however, had a successful ride in the arena.

Haven't heard how G got on today, but tomorrow, if the rain holds off, a lesson.  hope it does stay dry, given that we cancelled the last one cos of rain that didn't, in the event, happen!  must go to cash machine for money to pay for it !

1 comment:

  1. Sometimes it's just too hard to get motivated. Better off to get some rest rather than have a bad ride.