Thursday, 28 August 2014

excellent lesson

10 to 15 minutes on the lunge - which was because RI started the lesson with my stirrups out, which was a good plan and therefore a better one was put M on the lunge....

He's a much better lunge horse when ridden at the same time than he is when not ridden, very odd...

then we worked on continuing that wtih stirrups taken back longer, my feeling the steps, and then picked it up to trot, and then into flexing whilst riding...

at the very end, after some discussion as to why i forever lose the reins, we realised that i had for many years somewhat misunderstood about grip/fingers/stuff like that!  hey ho..... better late than never

of course, now i won't be riding until a week monday, due to forthcoming holiday!  which gives him loads of thinking time so hopefully should be ok when i'm back from that!


  1. Glad you ended your riding before your holiday on a good note. Now Monfils will have something to think about while you are away.

  2. So what was it that you misunderstood about grip and fingers? I am curious because Maria, where I last kept Tetley and where I continue to ride and help when I am in Colorado, tells me that my thumb and my forefinger hold the reins. I too tend to let the reins slip through my fingers. Wish I wouldn't do that. You would think that after so many years I wouldn't.

  3. Didn't grip enough with rest of fingers. All fingers grip rein either lightly or strongly rather than as I was leaving the middle ring and little fingers to essentially just rest on the rei to be used if required. Meant I could never have enough grip and he could pull reins through resulting in essentially no contact as opposed to light contact