Thursday, 12 December 2013

an inactive week

any plans for tuesday fried by not being well.  g's plans for yesterday fried again by the arena already being in use.  my plans for today fried by a need to come home and meet the  joiner about some work he's been doing in the house. tomorrow got to go to mother's after work.  saturday will be working - an extra day, and it means i miss my weekend day, but it's worth it and if it goes well there'll be more where that came from ... will improve the finances a bit!


  1. It just seems like a busy time of year. I have been working every day now but will taper off very soon until next semester.

  2. Busy here too. Sometimes the horses just have to take second place to other priorities. This time of year--snow and ice here--it's hard to work them anyhow.