Thursday, 14 November 2013


due to some time off work...

but stil only inhand work. haven't yet been able to lunge/loose school (well, G hasn't, LOL) and i've organised for RI/saddle person to come Tuesday so minded to leave riding until then and resolve the saddle issue (Hopefully!) at the same time...

and jean, no hot shoeing for racehorses over here... that WAS his first ever time.  apparently he was quite entertaining working out whether or not he could put his foot back down after the farrier had offered up the shoe to the foot to check but not actually put it on... down, up, down up... and then was very good to have them nailed on.

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  1. Interesting. I do know not all farriers hearabouts do hot shoe, and many track farriers will do cold shoeing to save time. Hot shoes take extra time and effort, but, as I said, the end result is usually a really good fit.

    There are several Standardbred (Trotting horses) training places not far from me and I know a few riders who actually trailered their horses there to get specialized foot care. Wonder if the sulky racing horses require more careful shoeing?