Tuesday, 27 August 2013

we got movement!

with a little help from a friend who brought her pone in to walk round on my request (cooling off after hack anyway) and that assisted on the motivational front..

TBH, had I not been short of time (horrendous traffic jams leaving work), AND minus fly mask (which had gone missing in the field, we were left with one that doesn't work over bridle) i would have gone out - but from what i learnt later, glad i didn't (someone has left random white bags full of pulled weed in silly place...)

but anyway, we did get walk both reins, we did get trot both reins, trot started off wholehearted but then stopped in it's usual random unexpected way...

we are also waiting for a new, larger, supply of medicine...

interestingly, G says he was pinging and boinging on Sunday, you'd never have guessed that today!

1 comment:

  1. Need to add some ping and boing to your rides as well. But again, it was a good start.