Thursday, 8 August 2013

b******* flies

despite the large quantities of fly repellent - should have put even more on and even then not sure it would have helped..

went up to top field with a friend on her pony (and friend's mother on foot) we were just going to walk round the fields and back down t'other side, a circle...

a gentle but warm breeze as we set off up the hil past our grazing field; got through into top field and wind died, and flies started swarming round and swarming round.

Basically, it's just not worth the hassle at that point as M get himself really stressed with them, plus he'd been bitten by a horse fly i think somewhere on his chest...

so, again, i got off and led him the rest of the way, and he continued to be hacked off by the flies (but at least he wasn't going too fast for me this time!)

and i'm going to get some coligone and we'll see where we are re ulcers...


  1. The flies can be dreadful and so upsetting for them :(
    Hope the coligone gives you some answers.

  2. A riding flysheet is the only solution in cases like that. I don't think the more voracious flies are much impressed by repellents. I dismount every time one of those huge horseflies goes after Tucker. He'd buck me off for sure. But with the flysheet on, he ignores them.

    I'll be interested with your progress in the ulcer investigation.