Wednesday, 24 July 2013

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i did ride on monday - frankly, i wished i'd just put the hit air on and gone out...

as it was, he was testing me, but this time failed as i didn't get off until I deemed the time right, which was after 1/2 hour of him standing, doing turns, moving, standing, doing turns (i am asking for hte turns to get movement!) and eventually, sad to say, hitting him.... dammit.  but he needs to stop just randomly stopping when he wants...

tuesday - felt like a hot bath! leaving the office

today, is G's day - i've mown the lawn, and should be very surprised if G has done anything as it still feels like a hot bath!  i need a cool one....

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  1. Don't feel too guilty about hitting him. If you got a reaction, then the correction did its job. I'm sure all the stopping is getting pretty old at this point. Wonder what's going on with him.

    Finally cooled off here. Hope cooler weather is headed your way as well.