Sunday, 28 August 2011

Riding Charlie!

wasn't in the game plan for the day, but i wanted to show Gaynor shoulder in....he brushes badly in trot, and my thought is that if he's taught SI etc and she uses that a lot in her schooling, it should help straighten him up and reduce the brushing. This wasn't easy, as the saddle is treed and the stirrup bars are in the wrong place, of course, and not very comfortable (one does get used to ones comforts in a vogue, LOL)

I hadn't even planned on being there at that time - my original plan had been to set tea going in the oven, with a view to getting Monf in between 7 & 8..

but i was rung up Monf & Seph were chasing each other round the field again, and the thought was that this might end badly. so Gaynor got Monf in whilst i was on my way down.

I have, in any case, a horrid feeling the vet might need to come out again - there is now a swelling round the place where he was kicked over the tendon, so that's not good, and he seems to have a new injury above the hock over the muscle .. mmmmmm

so he came in earlier than i'd planned, had a good groom (he was VERY dirty!) and was left with a huge pile of haylage, hope it's enough as he'd cleaned up last nights by this morning .. have to wonder how much opportunity to eat grass he's getting!

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