Saturday, 13 August 2011

move accomplished

Monfils was ridden down, of course - could never have doen that with Molly. Gaynor rode up on Charlie and we went back down together, they were getting on fine, when i turned him out they were all too busy eating to care much - but if they do bother, none of them will catch him anyway. drove past several times after that, moving more stuff down, and all peacefully eating....

got home, to find computer not functioning. had frozen altogether and won't reboot whatever i do. just rung Gaynor's OH, who says try again in safe mode and if it doesn't work, take it down and he'll have a look tomorrow.. but not looking good.

which is very depressing - the really important stuff on the pc is the software from my previous practice, which i still need as files that transferred settle - VERY depressing if that is gone. that's quite apart from all the photos and films that hadn't been taken off onto a disc or whatever, and the fact that i cannot for the life of me remember the email password for our talktalk email! which is the main email. doh. lost the little book that came with the welcome package .. so will have to try and wrestle with them on the phone, never a joyful experience.....


  1. Good news about the move.

    Not good news about the computer. A good techie might well set it right, but if not, you can usually get all the data off the hard drive.

  2. Just read yesterday's blog and now I understand what's going on. It's so different from here. Sounds like a great place to be because of the hacking though the gates are a problem for you now.

    Bummer about the computer. Generally I am clueless - that's Dave's job around here.