Friday, 12 August 2011

and another night off for the boy

no one there, and raining again! supposed to be dry tomorrow they say.

anyway, for those confused about yard moves - there are 4 yards on the estate. would have gone back to Harbour House when Gaynor and I left Ford Cottage stables last spring (see mollys blog) but there was only one stable, and gaynor's need was a shade greater - also there was a stable at plawsworth (not on the estate, but up the road a touch). plawsworth had stables all knocked down (land still there) and whilst in principle i would be more than happy to have monf out 24/7/365, i like ot know there's a stable there as well... which who knows when there would have been. so back on to the estate at the Riding School, then my original stable at HH that Molly had been in came up.

the 4 yards are 1 full livery yard, and 3 DIY - HH, Riding School, Blackdene (where i've also been for a short while).

rotating round or what?

loads of hacking, however, 4 arenas (one indoor, but that's only really useful if you're on that yard, and i'm leaving it tomorrow, LOL).

HH is the one with the very small arena that I've complained at length about before, but since i now have a horse that will hack out and is a safe conveyance, it seems, hacking up to blackdene or the indoor should not be a problem.

indeed, that will be the only hack i can do on my own, since i am physically unable to open gates from horseback, given the state of my wrists/left shoulder. ( edited to add - just reread a bit of Molly's blog, this caught my eye:

"I keep saying my next horse will be a gelding, who'll hack on his own or in company, and will do gates, LOL!"

never thought about me not being able to do gates!!

each yard is no more than about a 15 minute ride from the next, at most, riding school and blackdene practically next door to each other

the riding is excellent off road, no need to do road work unless you particularly want to (and then chose your time carefully)

but it's true to say that I've never really settled anywhere since moving to my current house, in terms of livery yards - but there have been very good reasons for every single move. hopefully, this one will be permanent (but best not tempt fate, LOL)

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  1. OK, I think I've got it. It seems you were happiest and Harbor House, except with the arena. As you say , that seems to be solved with Monfils. Besides, hacking out is much more fun than simply schooling. *G*

    Frustrating about the gates, but if there are plenty of places to ride without worrying about them, then all is well. You can save that for the days when you have a companion.

    I will try to send you some of our lovelier weather--we are done with today's so you can have it next. Soggy is just not fun.