Saturday, 20 August 2011

Injured monfils

OSo we're sitting in the traffic jam to get in to Blair when my phone rings,  it's gaynor  -monfils has been kicked, right hind over tendon, there's two wounds, needs the vet.  So i ring vet, who goes after  he's dealt with the two emergency call he's already got. In the meatime, monfils wouldn't settle in his own stable, worked an awful sweat up - thought later to be because he was in pain - put in Charlie's stable and calmed down, also did huge stretch and thus put back whatever was out.

Vet came, leg all shaved, antibiotics and bute, legs bandaged up, stay in.

There is the possibility of a small fracture in stifle - vet not so concerned as to want xrays urgently but if not looking right by about Thursday, we will be xraying.

All of this, and I'm 4 1/2 hours away.

So I've bought gaynor  a pressie as this is above and beyond anything we anticipated.



  1. Oh dear, what a worry. Do hope you can still enjoy your trip despite all this. I am sure Monfils will be OK.

  2. oh bugger!! Sorry to hear this and hope it all works out OK Claire, virtual ugs to Monfils and hope he's better v soon x