Sunday, 21 August 2011

glad to be home...

and the boy was glad to see me!

When I'd spoken to Vet yesterday, he'd said i could walk out in hand for some grass, so we did that for about 15 minutes.

then mucked out etc....

he's been in Charlie's stable, i think i said. i put him back in his own, and of course he was quite happy to be in there - i reckon it must have been something about the pain that was distressing him yesterday, not the fact of being in his own stable ...

anyway, the plan is, in his own stable over night, and in Charlie's tomorrow as that gives him access to a small yard and it's more interesting through the day for him.

he has a nice shiny coat - can bet he didn't have that yesterday!

and poor Gaynor had had to have her boys with her (2 1/2 & 5) whilst she was dealing with Monf, she tells me they were very good.

and she is very pleased with her present! good.


  1. Bless Gaynor for her care. Here's hoping Monfils is OK as you noted on Facebook. That would be such a relief.

  2. Just catching up with this, poor chap hope he is feeling better soon. On the positive side in my experience of ex-racehorse they are usually quite good on box rest, just a little lively when you get back on them ......... :)