Friday, 18 March 2011

a love day for a sad event

gorgeous sunny day, no wind ... drove to wrexham for funeral of Irving Tucker, who I RIP'd a couple of weeks ago.

massive turnout - large chapel at crematorium full - service conducted excellently by a humanist whose name i momentarily forget, some nice memories from a few people

Irving's ashes will be scattered over Yvonne's grave, the field where she was buried now being a wood (400 trees planted)

Monfy is ok, left him in capable hands of YO whilst i did that - actually very pleased i did, as it was a long enough day without going down to muck out etc first!

hopefully it's as nice a day tomorrow, i need to pay attention to his feet and that's best done outside, not in! also planning a ride on steady pony (welsh, but steady!) weather permitting.

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