Wednesday, 16 March 2011

another new car

one of the reasons for the busy week. i hated that grey thing i bought in october, didn't want to spend any money on it ... so been a bad girl and got a newer one, nissan note ... bigger, better to drive, much improved driving position!

Monfy wrecked a rug, so badly it needs binning, which is what will happen to it....

luckily i have a goodly supply of such items.

and i've burnt my hand, didn't put it in oven glove properly and when taking bread out of breadmaker hand connected with hot pan .. ouchy


  1. I was wondering what happened to the first car. It was a problem almost from the start as I recall. Glad to hear you have a new one. A Nissan should be good.

    I think of the three rugs Tucker's pal ripped, at least one has to be thrown out. I MAY be able to fix the other two...maybe.

    Burned my had with some soup a while ago. Really painful..sending much sympathy in hopes you feel better soon.

  2. You had a bad time with that car, I like the Nissan Note they are a very practical shape for a horse owner you can get lots of 'stuff' in them.

    Hope the burn is not too sure, some unpasturised honey on it would help it heal.

  3. Hope the car is just what you wanted, sounds like a good idea to replace the grey one