Thursday, 10 March 2011

he might be footsore

but the flapping strap under his rug made him move! we'd had a howling gale all day and he'd managed to get a strap undone so you can imagine ...

just for a wonder, i was there in time to get him in myself tonight, unusual on a work night as they're all nearly always in time i get there (if only just) so i was glad about that.

i hasten to add he's not lame as such just clearly not right

have cancelled the lesson i'd organised for sunday (becky was coming again for some more in hand work) and have sent trimmer a message

but i've ALSO found the hoof hardening stuff....


  1. Never can quite figure how some of those straps come unfastened, but they do. Poor Monfy.

    Hope you get the trimmer out soon for his feet.

  2. We too had very high winds today and now there are two fires burning in the foothills just west of us.