Wednesday, 9 March 2011

the concensus

seems to be that Monfy is footsore - yes he pulled something the other week, but that's sorted, but generically footsore....

so i'll send message to trimmer (she's not due to the 30th) and will then need to take a view as to how long to give him before caving in and putting shoes back on.....



  1. As noted, my Tucker needs shoes. Some horses just can't go barefoot.

    OR, transitioning them to barefoot just takes too long and takes too much of a toll on their overall comfort/soundness until they adjust.

  2. Tetley was barefoot and is now barefoot again. But he did get footsore last winter in Cambridge when the very, very rough mud/ground in which he lived froze. Monfy may be responding to rougher than usual ground conditions like Tetley did or maybe he is just not ready. I wonder if you could start some conditioning program. It can't be easy with mostly mud underfoot.

    I wonder if they shoe racehorses at a very young age and therefore stunt proper foot development.