Wednesday, 2 March 2011

cold hosing in the cold

is an unentertaining pastime! but has to be done, unless i can find that dratted boot (which i won't, until i pack again, i can see that...). the boot is one of the sort you put in cold water and it has crystals in it, you then put it on afflicted leg and don't have to stand cold hosing.... ah well

and of course, this was the week i bought haylage ...which ain't cheap ....


  1. Sorry to read Monfi isn't good, hope he's better soon. If it's as cold there as it is here then yes, hosing would be a thankless task

  2. Hosing is never fun, even when it's warm out.

    Now would be the time for a nice snowdrift to stand him in.....

    However, I would never wish a snowdrift on anyone this winter. We've had more than enough of that!!

    Give Monfy a healing hug from me.