Thursday, 23 October 2014

stil here - and another lesson

i think i am improving; RI thinks my legs are now much more under control, now we need to work on my hands more

so that's what we were doing, first on the lunge again, and then not

he was moving - but as i said, it would be good to have a video set up when RI is not there (and so he can't see anyone operating it) as RI is so hi energy in herself that always helps!  but she did say at the end that i'd been doing it myself; i'm not so sure...

all i can do is just keep working on it and eventually get back to where i once was (since of course, i uased to be able to ride much better than i can at the moment...)

but we had good walk, excellent trot, i was working on half halts WITHOUT rein aids (and of course we're all taught the rein aid for that, not the seat aid!) and he was working in to the ocntact and more off the leg and seat.

i'm to work on keeping the contact light and him to work to it and lots of half halts and shoulder fore ...

hopefully we'll make more progress than i feel as though i have...

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