Monday, 7 July 2014

i rang a friend again..

Asked Gaynor to come and see what if anything i was doing wrong.

nothing, particularly, i don't think... debating buying some spurs, though (and he's knacked another flymask, so that is definitely a new acquisition...)

I've a horrid feeling that the more we try to get him to work the less reactive he's being...

will just have to keep working on it, and RI is due out on the 17th.

in the meantime, we did get a result, so i hope he remembers it


  1. He is a puzzle, indeed. Wish I were there to see if I could help. Not sure what I might try at this point, but at least I'd be another pair of eyes. Hope your instructor comes soon and can offer some insight.

  2. I keep forgetting...have you ever tried treating him for ulcers? It might be worth experimenting. Trouble is to get the omeprazole at a good price. Caroline might know.