Sunday, 15 June 2014

yay new saddle

much better.  stayed where it was put, he moved, what more can i want?  once he twigs that this one doesn't drop we should be fine..

but the bad news, i discovered that, far from my tack locker escaping last weekends flood, it had in fact been flooded at the bottom .....

so i had to borrow Gaynor's hat, as mine was somewhat wet, and my hit air vest was so sodden it had to be hung up to drip dry. hoping it hasn't come to any harm, as when i dug the instructions out from under the water they say it's not supposed to get that wet.

managed to dry it all out later - scoop the water out, then a couple of towels.

1 comment:

  1. What kind of saddle is it? Pictures? Glad to hear Monfy likes it.

    Sorry about the flooding. Lucky you found the wet stuff before it started to get all mouldy.