Saturday, 15 March 2014

a busy week

and i've actually been on the boy every night save yesterday (when i was too tired) .... but it took me half the week to work out how to reshim the saddle, he having changed shape again, and i didn't get that cracked until thursday when it was getting dark!  pleased i finally sorted it again though ....

so the homework i was supposed to have been doing since last month hasn't really been done but never mind, i've no doubt we've both remembered some of it for sunday coming.

i didn't post here about the demo Gaynor and I went to at Northallerton EC with Becky Holden; that was excellent.  all about how in hand work feeds into the work under saddle....she's put some vid up on facebook which i've shared on my timeline for a flavour of it.  Becky has been training with Phillippe Karl over the last 3 years and it's all good

and it's Becky who's coming Sunday (DV) for lesson... hoping this is going to be regular!

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  1. Wow! Hope those lessons can become regular. Too bad you didn't get to do all the homework as you hoped to, but sometimes other things in life have to take priority. Better days are on the way!