Wednesday, 6 November 2013

glad of my lie in

as it's g's day today and i have a steaming cold...

but it was funny

all week G has been saying, farrier today...she organises that..

so i rang tonight and says "hows his feet"..

doh, she said, farrier is next week...

otherwise, he continues sound, thank goodness!

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  1. Uh ohQ The famous, "When's the farrier coming?" routine.Been there, done that. Now that the horses are in the backyard, my farrier often calls the morning of his pending arrival asking that I put the horses in for him. That used to be a near total emergency when I boarded some 15 miles from home.

    Farriers have their own clocks and calendars that don't exactly follow ours. Bless them for the good work they do, so we just go along with their time zones. *G*