Thursday, 10 October 2013

winter bites

a howling northerly so the windchill is...

expected M to want to be in, but he started shouting to be out again before he hit the yard proper, could only get him in his stable by putting his feed down, then he was "eat, shout, eat, shout" for 10 minutes... i took him out (with feed dish, as it wasn't finished) and he ate bits more, finished up with me holding the feed dish over the fence but he decided he'd rather be off at full pelt to his mates than finish it all up...

surprising. i'd expected him to be tired with the gale, and you wouldn't have thought there was that much in the grass (even though the field they're in hasn't been used for a few months so there is a bit!) - but he was toasty under this thin rug, so, his decision!

1 comment:

  1. You never quite know what's going on in a horse's mind. So often, when I would much rather be inside in a cozy house, my horses prefer to stand out in the cold and wind. Go figure.