Saturday, 28 September 2013


is the only thing left, really.... is it the case that he would rather I went back to a treed saddle?  otherwise, we're stumped.

lovely afternoon was going to go for a ride out..

he wouldn't go past the willow, and by then (which is no distance) the shim/numnah had slipped down and back....

eventually, i went back

got off, readjusted everything moving the shimming more forward hoping it would stay put.

got back on ...

and he wouldn't move away from the mounting block.

it will be interesting to hear how G gets on tomorrow, with her own Vogue GP - but she doesn't need shimming under hers because she's somewhat lighter than me....


hopefully, i will be able to borrow a treed that will fit well enough for me to try... not looking forward to that, it's a few years since i rode in a treed saddle (winter 2005/6, i think!)

in the meantime, this is he on the way back up to the field (i was further up the hill)

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