Sunday, 22 September 2013

lovely hack in lovely summer weather!

20 degrees C in the shade, according to my car thermometer, and i believe it!

G was able to borrow friend's mare and we had a nice hack out - first time we've been able to go out together for, i think, nearly 2 years, what with one thing and another!

along the back drive, over the ford, up to the riding school, back down, right along and down cocken lane (M studiously avoiding the strips where the tarmac was melted and we were therefore in the middle of the lane! sounds fair to me), stopped off at G's house before coming back up the park (M wanted to trot, not allowed, walking up that hill is very good for his bum!) and so back... to get washed off before he could be fed and turned out....


shame we can't do that more often....

i must get more shims.....

and the mounting block is no longer sitting on the rubber mat it's been sitting on for a good while, and that makes a huge difference when mounting - the mat was probably only about 1 1/2 inches thick, i would say, but the difference in the amount of weight you need to put in the saddle is the difference between the saddle staying central, or shifting slightly to the left, which is what it has done the last twice i'd ridden (since the rubber mat was put back into the stable for which it was intended....)

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  1. Riding with a friend is always a lot more fun. Glad you were able to get out in the good weather and have a wonderful time. You deserve it!