Friday, 23 August 2013

but adjusting my postion don't work in the arena.

That was last night.

is it that he's bored with it?  not as if he's there all the time...

is the footing? wouldn't surprise me.

anyway, was a total waste of time, really ...

tonight i had to go to mother's unexpectedley.

tomorrow, i shall try going out again  ... and the other good thing (for him, anyway) is they move to another field with enough grass to sink a battleship - the one they're in gets rested and then presumably in a month or so we all move to winter fields (not that our winter field has been rested, it currently is divided in two with mares in one half and the "mixed herd" of 6 in the other half...would like to think it will get  a small break, at least)

the new field is not good for us owners, though, as it's a further up the hill, and you can guarantee that they won't want to  come in!

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  1. Frustrating, indeed. Thought you had the answer. Wish I were there to see if I had any other ideas to help out.

    Have you any obstacles you could set up in the arena to see if making it more interesting could motivate him??