Tuesday, 11 June 2013

the sheep are sheared

and to bring in, we had to get them past large bags and small bags of sheared wool in the field, and then past the men shearing (they hadn't quite finished).  TBH, M was pretty good in the circs.  I'd taken the rope halter with me and he was out at the end of the line between me and the bags going in.....the worst bit of it for him was the small bags, as they were black bin liners, not full, with lots of rustling...

The funniest bit was as i went to get him though - he was chasing the lambs down the field (course, he didn't do that when i turned him out, camera at the ready to take video!)

Decided to lunge, as did colleague..

at least i got brisk walk!

we swopped.  I was, of course, able to lunge hers, who i've never handled before, and she of course got M trotting..

swapped back - and still only  brisk walk for me...


never mind, still an improvement each time i try, i'll get there with him one day!

I used the Micklem Multi bridle - lunging cavesson being one of its multi functions - perfect for the job...

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