Sunday, 9 June 2013


G's foot had recovered enough for her to ride (she said it was sore after, and i'm not surprised, still has a large lump on it) so she hacked out down the park (i hate the hill going down to the park, very steep!).

it's a stony track going down and he was all over to avoid that

then she took him round in a big semi circle to trot up the hill on the opposite side from the track down.

he planted because - of a 1 inch wide trickle of a stream (we get self generated streams on the land!) in front of him ... and when he did go, he cat leapt over it - then a nice canter up the hill to pop the log at the top... and another log popped later just before the yard...

so they were both happy!

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  1. Silly Boy. You'd think, after all the rain you've had, a trickle would be no obstacle. *lol* Bet the jumping was really fun for both of them!