Saturday, 15 June 2013

awful wind...

but, unusually for me, went out anyway - got ready got on and rode round to the barn to see if anyone there going out, as i anticipated someone was, so went round the 20 acre with her - more sheltered down there as it's down the bottom of a steep bank - then she went right to do Holme Hill (which i don't like...but i should do it one day, but not just yet!) and i turned left for home..

then went to Gaynor's for a cuppa, did i want to go see her OH's band? I've never seen them, and they were the last set at a free festival Sunderland Council had on at Herrington country park... so i went along

excellent! such a shame there weren't many there, we were all being blown away (the stage was the only sheltered place on the field!)

Audiotracer is their name, and if anyone wants a band for a wedding/event/whatever, invest in them....I said if (a big if) i have a "do" for my 60th, i'll book them...

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