Thursday, 16 May 2013

feet improving

it turned out that not ony had he had thrush, he had also had, at some point, an abscess blow out through is sole.. we think this must have  been about the time the thrush kicked off, and possibly was all the same event.. he certainly had given no indication of having an abscess, none of the sort of lameness you would expect..

but as the thrush was driven back, the sole grew a thick rounded odd bit that i worried about more the more it became obvious

anyway, the feet were good enough today that the trimmer could do more work on the sole of the near hind, and that bit came off - and there was the remains of the abscess hole!

so keep going as we are as its all coming right.

and I've just read Mary  Lou's very sad news about Tetley, so having a bit of a cry about that - i had met and ridden him, once, when Caroline had him... a lovely boy with a piaffe he loved to show off....


  1. Good news about the feet!

  2. Good work on his feet. Abscesses can be so tricky. Now that you know, it explains a lot about some of his ouchiness. Glad he's on the mend.

    Sending my love to Mary Lou too. So upsetting.

  3. Thanks Jean and Claire. It's hard to believe that he is truly gone. At the moment, I can only remember the awful events of Tuesday. Once I fully process all that I suppose I will be able to remember the good times.