Tuesday, 16 April 2013

progress and bridles

Sunday, G lunged him in the wind - it wasn't that bad at the yard, but as I said, he hadn't been lunged for a while..

she said, my in hand work with him is helping a lot.  i grinned, and agreed, LOL

monday, i rode, arena a bit sheltered from the gale it was actually quite nice. he wound me up on teh standing still front for a while - I was NOT assisted by girl on horse standing at arena gate talking to someone for 15 minutes!  when the other horse moved, i got movement and after that the occasional halt was met with much growling at him...

RI says "he's a sensitive soul" he may be, but keeping going will reduce both our upset!

G & I have been thinking about bridles for a bit, separately, and agree that the full size is really too large for him .. so today bought him a nice new cob size, which should be a lot better... oiled it tonight and it may get used tomorrow, but the vets coming for jabs, to look at his eye, and possibly check his teeth as well...

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