Monday, 1 August 2011

you can taste the humidity

so no surprise that it rained very hard this evening.....had already decided not to ride on the grounds that there's no fun to be had in such conditions, and equally no work to be done, since neither horse nor rider can be bothered in such enervating conditions

it was seriously dark when i got to the yard just on 6, it was going to rain, and started just as i got monfils in for his tea.....

happily, not yet raining at home so i managed to get the laundry in before it did, and then dodged some more seriously heavy showers going to supermarket - that was interesting, teemed as i drove along dual carriageway, dried up as i got there, clearly rained some more as i was in there and stopped again when i came out

the milk the neighbours and i had expected to be delivered this morning was not there - he told neighbour on phone he had delivered at 03.45 - so someone must have nicked it .... that's 2 large bottles for barbara, 1 for next door, one for us, and we don't know about the rest of the street.... mmmmm

hopefully, the weather is better tomorrow

and RI is as pony club camp this week....

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  1. How disappointing about the milk. The loss is bad enough, but the thought that it was stolen is worse. So sorry.

    Humidity is a regular torment here. Makes the heat unbearable.