Friday, 5 August 2011

even with the mobile phone

i am always a shade uncomfortable riding when i know everyone has gone home and wno't be back - silly, in some ways - think of you, jean, on your own! - but there you have it.. the more so when no idea when partner might be home either.

so didn't ride.

but did sort boot of car out, rescue jetwasher from coalhole (which has no coal in it, but is a filthy tip nonetheless!) and load into car ready for stable cleaning activities tomorrow..after i've had my hair done!


  1. I have oft been chastised for not always carrying my phone with me when I ride. I need to make it a habit.

    I can well understand your concerns. Not so many neighbors here anymore, either, so it's even more lonesome. *mental note...REMEMBER PHONE!!*

  2. But you are right Claire. Anything could happen - probably won't most days but then there is the time when it does. At our barn, there is always someone about so that's another benefit of being at a boarding stable with about 40 or so horses.