Sunday, 27 March 2011

tidying up and sorting out

more stuff got put away, saddle racks and rug rack got put up, some things got binned, and so on...

Monfy went in the arena this morning - he'll follow me around nicely, silly me forgot to put long boots on. must remember, any arena on the estate requires long boots (the alternative is a boot full of arena!)

thought about the same this afternoon, but decided not (partly because i'd misread the time and thought it was later than it was, and yes i had put my clocks forward an hour...)

looking forward to tomorrow - not because I'll be back at work after a week off, but because Monfy can go out in the field!

I'm thinking of doing something I've never done before - getting him a name plaque for the door, his name has to be explained so that might be easier!

1 comment:

  1. I keep waiting to hear that you or someone is going to ride Monfy. He may be thinking he's just a nice laphorse at this point. Any chance of working him to see how he goes?