Sunday, 6 March 2011

RIP Irving Tucker

my late cousin's widower.

very sad...

got the news this morning, and had to drive up to tell my mother in person.

monfy was, i think i said, lame last night. this morning there was a bit of heat and a touch of swelling above the right hoof. last night, however, there was no heat. thinking, more of before. so he spent the day in - and i finally found the boot i was looking for (you put it in cold water, it makes the crystalline gel inside cold, put it on instead of cold hosing...) it was where i thought it should have been, but much easier to find in daylight!

tonight? sound. I turned him out in the arena for 10 minutes whilst i did chores, then went in and he followed me round for circuit. In the meantime, he'd rolled - he sure loves rolling...

so do i turn out tomorrow or not? think i will, and see how he goes (unless he's clearly wrong when i pull him out in the morning). the mud is drying up nicely at any rate

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  1. Could have banged himself or it still could be an abscess brewing.

    Sorry about your loss. This has been a bad season for many families. So sad.