Saturday, 19 March 2011

done too much, my bad....

trying to get ahead of the game for the stable move next weekend .... tried to do as much as poss with right hand not left, and mostly managed, but have done a shade more than i should have done....

but funny this morning - turned up to do monf ... where's horse? ... looked in stable, all mucked out, haynet up ......

monf in field with others!

got a text later, YO's OH had read yesterday's job list, not today's!

never mind, saved me a job, so bottomed stable, bed now at the back, 3 mats up and hosed clean ready to go, a few things tidied up, some buckets scrubbed....

thinking, job a day until the end of the week...

and you may recall i mentioned the plan was to ride steady pony this weekend? not going to happen, the spring grass has turned rock steady pony into something totally different, even his owner came a cropper the other day he's getting lots of lunging and hard feed cut out till he's back to being his usual steady self!


  1. Take care of your wrist. There are lots of very bouncy ponies out there at the minute one of mine was doing a Tigger on speed impression yesterday.

  2. I guess I lucked out with my "steady pony." He seems to be holding his "steady" just fine for now.

    Do take care of that wrist. No point in your being lame if your horse is sound....*S*

  3. Lucky you, to have that unexpected work done! I love having a plan to get one extra thing done per day, to prepare for something. So satisfying.