Sunday, 13 March 2011

cancelled lesson

i cancelled my next Becky lesson which had been in the diary for today, because of Monfy's footsoreness.

but frankly, it's just as well - the arena has reverted to bog due to the amount of rain we've had since Friday afternoon .....

but i think he must be improving - yesterday he cantered out, today, he came full pelt across the field to me to be in!

front feet are looking better than the backs, i reckon it's the backs that are the real problem - i guess he could turn out to be one of those that needs to be shod behind at least...


  1. Curious, but it happens some times. I tried my Russell R barefoot behind and it didn't work at all. Tucker and Toby are both fine without back shoes. And, as we know, Tucker does need fronts.