Sunday, 27 February 2011

moving smartly on....

took monf out for a small walk off the yard this morning - down to one end of the village, back past the yard to the other end, and then back in - not long, no more than 10/15 minutes .. power walked, didn't he, LOL.

So, i guess he's bored not getting out, can't see the point of being in school, and is a morning person.

but he's going to have to learn to not be a morning person, and to work in teh school

the heading has two meanings - we're moving yards as well, end of march. Depressingly, the owner of the land is going to pull all the stables down and put houses on them. the horses are all to go in the fields until something is sorted out, the yard will still be there, and a barn is to go up for storage fairly soon, but YO has no idea when any replacement stables will appear

so i'm moving to the yard 1/2 mile down the road, back on the same estate as harbour house and blackdene; this one is called "the riding school" because it has an indoor! and easy access to blackdene's outdoor. The YM there rang me yesterday to offer me the space

plan is to use Gaynor's 4WD she's just acquired to move the stuff, and walk Monf down. at least it's downhill!


  1. Wow, lucky to get a place so close and so quickly.

    It's always sad when a farm goes to development. It's happened far too often here. Trouble is, the land has so much more value when it's sold for houses like that than kept as open space. Too bad.